Sensus Fidelium YouTube Video Sermons:

Purgatory is for sinners with Forgiven Mortal or Venial Sins, but whose Reparations are still lacking. The average time for a Forgiven Mortal Sin is 7 years, and the slightest pain in Purgatory is worse than the greatest pain on Earth. Also, you can only get out of Purgatory early, if someone on Earth prays for you. Now days, everyone believes that they, and virtually everyone they know, goes to Heaven. Please pray for the Priests and Nuns, because NO ONE will pray for them!

Pray for the Souls in Purgatory, and they will Pray for you many times over, in Heaven.

Proof of Purgatory at the Museum of Lost Souls in Purgatory, in Rome.

Though not mentioned in the Bible, the idea of purgatory is a very old part of the Catholic faith, dating back to at least the 11th century. The notion that trapped souls might need to be freed comes from a story allegedly told to the Abbott Odilo of Cluny by a monk returning from the Holy Land. He told the Abbott how his ship had been wrecked, and he had been cast ashore on a mysterious island. A hermit who lived on the island related his own story of a mysterious chasm, from which burst forth demonic flames and the agonized screams of trapped souls. He pointed out that the demons were always complaining about losing souls when the living prayed or gave alms to the poor on their behalf.

There is a Museum in Rome at a Small Catholic Church where the Priests there have collected objects from all over Europe that are imprinted and scorched by the souls in Purgatory:

Sensus Fidelium YouTube sermon below, with the story of Sister Teresa Gesta's distinctive small hand burned into the wood, from Purgatory:

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