Fr. Steven Scheier is a Catholic Priest who had a Near Death Experience in 1985, when he had a head-on collision with a truck, and found himself before the Judgement of Jesus, was condemned to Hell, but was saved by The Blessed Mother.
Fr Scheier- Priest Condemned to Hell by Jesus - (is saved by the Blessed Mother).
Mother Angelica (EWTN) Interviews Fr. Scheier, First Time, Apr 15, 1997
Several Muslim NDE's.Why are there NO Muslim stories of Heaven?
HELLFIRE Testimony of Mary K. Baxter's Dreams
Man travels to Hell, finds tortured people in Prison Cells, including Hitler!
Woman sees Guardian Angel in NDE, then same Angel visits the family.
Fr. Scheier- (EC1998) What is lacking in the Church Today- First of All- Confession.
Mother Angelica (EWTN Interviews Fr. Scheier, Second Time, 1998.
Dr. Nasir Siddiki's Full Story. His Shingles, his wife's MS, and his brother's NDE.
Baptist Pastor Don Piper spent 90 Minutes in Heaven feature film.
Two 19th Century Generals Pact: First to Die, Cone back to report.
Up 5 days on Meth, someone call 911, then Jesus came into Hell to save me while I was scorching in the Flames!
Fr Scheier (EC1998) Second Presentation in New Zealand, at theEcharistic Convention.
Fr. Jose Maniyangat's Story by Fr. Joseph Mary's EWTN Sermon.
Fr.  Jose's Story, and his Website
Emotional testimony of aman who wants to know 'The Meaning of Life'.
'Good' People thought they were going to Heaven, really ended up in Hell!
Atheist alcoholic in the hospital,dies and sees Hell.
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