Medjugorje is a Fake, a Sham,
and possibly DEMONIC, and here's why! 

If you have to 'cut to the chase', Here's my three best reasons: 
In no particular order: 

PLURALISM. That's the concept that Heaven welcomes all religions. It might be hard to accept that your Protestant friends might not go to Heaven, but that's the Dogma position of the Roman Catholic Church, and therefore one that the Blessed Mother is not likely to endorse. 

THE APPARITION OF A SNAKE, and SATAN. At the first apparition, Vicka asked it that was a snake. She was told that it wasn't, but the children all ran away. On January 10, 1982, Mirjana tells of a strange apparition where from the light which normally precedes the Virgin's arrival, SATAN EMERGED, HALF DIABOLICAL, HALF DISGUISED UNDER THE FEATURES OF MARY. 

THE VISIONARIES NEVER SAW THE BLESSED MOTHER's BARE FEET. At all of the other Marian Appiritions, like La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, and Padre Pio, the Visionaries could see Our Mother's bare feet below her dress. All of the Medjugorje Visionaries have reported that they were never able to see Our Blessed Mother's feet, at any time.

Who cares about the Blessed Mother's feet?

Saint Padre Pio, who was visted several times by Our Lady, immediately recognized, on one occasion, that that particular appirition was false, because he could not see the bare feet of Our Lady, below her dress. He knew that the Devil has many powers, but he cannot change the appearance of his cloven hoofs. He immediately told the Devil to 'Be-Gone', and the Devil vanished! 

What about Medjugorje? Is it Real? Answered by 'The Fatima Center' on YouTube. 14 minutes.

Christopher McCarthy of The Marian Catholic confronts the Medjugorje Apparitions in his YouTube series. 9 minutes.

The source for the following material is: Richard Salbato (1996)

   I have edited it for brevity, emphasis, and clarity, and added Section Titles. My extended Webmaster's comments are in Italic.


Fathers Ivica Vego and Ivan Prusina were priests of Herzegovina. Vego was in rebellion against his superiors six months after his ordination in 1978. He and Father Prusina were expelled. They found an unofficial home in Medjugorje. It was there (a few years after the start of the apparitions) that Father Vego fathered a child by Sister Leopolda, a nun of the community of Herzegovina. Vego has since married Sister Leopolda and has left the Church. 

When the apparitions began, the Church at Medjugorje was also in rebellion against authorities. The Franciscans were commanded by “their Franciscan superiors in Rome” [not the local Bishop] to turn over the Church to the Diocesan priests. They refused. This is where the priests were at the time the apparitions started, being disobedient to the Bishop and to their own Franciscan superiors. 

Two other priests in this melodrama are Fathers Tomislav Vlasic and Joso Zovko. All four are members of the Catholic Charismatic Prayer Groups. All were at the time [and continue] opposing their superiors. All seem to have a connection with Neo-nazi plans in the area. One month before the apparitions, Vlasic received a message from Sister McKenna in a prayer group that something mystical was about to happen to him. The next month it did. (June 24, 1981, The First Appirition.)


Lies about Smoking

The children were on their way to a secluded spot so they could smoke a cigarette without being seen. It was in this environment of sin that the apparitions started. The priests were sinning against the Church. The children were sinning against their parents. The Charismatic Renewal movement was falling apart and needed a lift. Medjugorje did it. 

Regarding the fact that they went up to smoke is in the records. Ivanka told Bishop Zanic. Vicka admits that Mirjana and Ivanka told the Bishop about going to smoke. There is nothing really wrong here, since it took place before the apparitions. But later the children lied to the Bishop and said that they had gone up the hill to pick flowers. This characteristic of lying seems to be unrestrained in the children and in the promoters. 

First of all, we are not dealing here with children but young adults. At the start of the apparitions the children were between 16 and 18 years of age. (except for Jacov, who was only 10 years old.) Mirjana liked to look at the boys, and she dressed very modern for a small Yugoslavian town. The young boy (Jacov) was very typical of boys his age and would rather play than go to church. These things did not change after the apparitions.


Our Lady would appear only 3 more times.

Vicka was recorded as saying that the apparitions would end after three more visits. When the apparitions did not end, she denied saying it. When presented with the proof, she stated:

"I don't remember, but if it is recorded then we must have said such a crazy thing."


Our Lady's dress, and touching her.

September 20, 1981, Vicka states that the Virgin hugged her. (Nine days later) on the 29th she stated:

"I never succeed in touching her, her body is impalpable and seems to be of smoke." 

A year later she would say that , "Yes, I have touched her dress, it is resistant like metal."


Ecstasy, or really fully aware? 

December 3, 1981, Vicka writes in her diary that during her conversation with the Virgin that:

"The Franciscan kept his eyes on us; he was observing our behavior."

When questioned later as to how she could have known this, since during an ecstasy she would not have been able to see anything except the Virgin, she stated that:

"I was told later."

In fact, during the early months there were no ecstasies, for they carried on conversations with the people and the "Virgin" at the same time. 

On January 14, 1985, while in "ecstasy", a Frenchman quickly pointed two fingers at Vicka's eyes. Vicka gave a start and threw her head back. All was filmed on camera. She was not in ecstasy. Vicka left the room with the Franciscan priest and came back a few minutes later. The camera continued to film. SHE ANNOUNCED WITHOUT BEING ASKED: 

"I did not see Jean-Louis [the Frenchman] nor his hand. I saw the Virgin. She had the child, Jesus, in her arms. At a certain moment, the Child slipped, (sic) and I simply made a movement to stop him from falling." 

God slipped? The Child, Jesus slipped? How stupid do these Franciscan priests think we are?

Two weeks later, the priests closed the apparitions to the outside public. They have been protected from anyone getting too close ever since.


Establish a new Religious Order so that Priests and Nuns can together in the same house? 

Father Vlasic and his female friend, Agnes Heupel, asked Marija Pavovic to have the Virgin Mary bless their idea to have an illegal New Order of Priests and Nuns, who would live together in the same house. This blessing was given in Marija's texts, "An appeal in the Marian Year" and in "My Declaration." When things in this new house got out of line, and the public opinion was about to explode against her and her Virgin, she wrote on July 11, 1988, a retraction: 

"From the texts ... which bears my signature [approving the new house] ... That the answer would be:

'That is the plan of God.' ... Now I declare that I have never asked the Madonna for any approval for this undertaking begun by Father Tomislav Vlasic and Agnes Heupel ... Anything in my statement which might be construed as the Madonna's approval of the undertaking of Father Tomislav Vlasic and Agnes Heupel is absolutely not in conformity with the truth." 

What shall we say? That she lied the first time and is not lying now? That she told the truth the first time and is lying now that things are not going well? What? 

What we can say for sure is that they are liars. Does that prove the apparitions false? No! But when we couple it with the complete lack of grace in the children, we have a good case.


Sloppy, Lazy, Fallen from Grace Visionaries? 

For instance, five years after seeing the Mother of God almost everyday and a thousand so-called ecstasies, Jakov, (the youngest Visionary), still did not have enough grace to stay in Mass until the end. He then married a pageant queen, even though the Gospa had asked him to become a priest. He now wears elevator shoes because his wife is quite tall. 

Our pastor, (Webmaster: Richard Salbato's pastor when he was visiting Medjugorje, not mine), was not impressed, to say the least, when he saw the seers, five minutes after having talked to the "Virgin", go across the street to have a beer and sandwich.



A major test of any apparition is "Prophesy". Almost all true apparitions of God have some short-term prophesies and some of long duration. Never will God ask us to believe a prophesy without first proving the prophet with a short-term prophesy that has already come true. 

In Fatima twenty-nine of the thirty prophecies, (only the Third Secret remains), have already come to pass: the two children's early death, Communism, the miracle of the sun, the end of World War I, (The red sky warning seen by millions of Europeans in 1938- warning of WW2), World War II, the fall of Russian Communism, etc. Since only God sees the future, it is one way He proves the authenticity of the seer. God cannot make mistakes, therefore, the prophecies must be 100% correct.

How about Medjugorje? 

On July 3, 1981, the "Virgin" promises a sign. 

"It will be permanent...It will not be possible to annihilate it...It will be visible for everybody." 

August 27, 1981: "It will come soon." 

August 29, 1981: "A little more patience." 

Later...."It will be on December 8, 1981." 

Later...."It will be on Christmas." 

Later...."It will be January 1982." 

It is now 1996, (actually, it's not. It's 2017), and there is still no sign. Prophets, (you say?)?


Four Strange Answers from Our Lady! 

We (Richard Salbato) have in our possession a written statement by the Franciscan priest of Medjugorje, Father Slavko Barbaric, and signed by his translator, John T. Shindler. It contains many questions to be presented to the Gospa through the visionaries. 

These are some of the questions and the answers by the Gospa (Virgin?): 

Question 2. When does a baby receive a living soul? Answer by Gospa: "Four and one half months." 

Question 4. What about UFO’s? Are they true? Answer by Gospa “Yes.” 

Question 7. Where Adolf Hitler, Marshal Tito, and Pope Paul VI replaced by evil doubles during their lifetimes? Answer by Gospa: “Yes. They were good men replaced by evil red doubles. 

Question 8. Did you appear at Necedah, Wisconsin? Answer by Gospa: “Yes. But no one listened, not the bad bishops of U.S. 

The answer to Question 2 (baby's soul) would legalize almost all abortions; Question 4 (UFOs) needs no comment; the answer to Question 7 (Hitler, Tito, Pope Paul VI) is the same as the apparitions at Bayside, and Question 8 (Necadah, Wisconsin) will prove to be the same fruits in the long run. At Necedah, the seer died out of the grace of the Church and did not even receive a Church burial. Necedah has been taken over by the priests and bishops of the heretical sect, “The Old Roman Catholics”, who split from the Church after Vatican I. 

We (Richard Salbato) have complete reports on Bayside and Necedah. One of our contributors lived at Necedah for six years with his entire family. If the Gospa supports Necedah, she (or he) is not from God.



According to the Bible and Catholic Doctrine we must be obedient to our superiors in all things except sin. And yet, we are asked to believe that the Virgin Mary advocates that we disobey the Bishop of Medjugorje. Again and again, throughout the years of the apparition, this "Lady" would have us believe that it is all right for the two suspended priests to disobey the Bishop. This alone would be enough to declare the apparitions to be false on grounds of Fidelity to Doctrine. 

Satan knows doctrine well, and he can fool many with his lies; but he cannot be obedient. His pride will not allow him even the pretense of obedience to a mere human. 

Let us start with the words of Saint Padre Pio: 

“Where there is no OBEDIENCE, there is no virtue. 

Where there is no virtue, there is no good. 

Where there is no good, there is no love. 

Where there is no love, there is no God. 

Where there is no God, there is no Paradise." 

By Medjugorje standards, Padre Pio had many good reasons to be disobedient. He was told by a visiting priest to burn all the testimonials to his intercession. Without a second thought, he burned them all. When Vatican II introduced the new Mass, even though he had loved the Tridentine (old style Latin Mass, pre-1965), he changed without hesitation. He even sent a letter to the Holy Father offering his support. When Rome told him to stop saying public Mass and hearing confession, he stopped without even asking why. For six years he offered Mass in his room. We would like you to compare Medjugorje to Padre Pio: 

Let’s see how the actors of Medjugorje stack up to the obedience of the Padre: 

On December 19, 1981, only six months after the first apparition, the "Lady" said that the one most to blame for these disorders [the conflict between the Bishop and the two priests], was the Bishop [Zanic]. She told Father Vego to stay and not to go away as he was ordered. Remember that Fathers Vego and Prusina had been excluded from their Order, (in Herzegovina), as priests by their superiors. 

On January 3, 1982, the "Virgin" said, "Ivaca Vego is not guilty. Let him stay all the same. The Bishop is not putting things in order and for that HE IS TO BLAME. HE WILL NOT ALWAYS BE THE BISHOP." 

Compare that statement of the Gospa to the statements of the Virgin Mary in all true apparitions. This is what discernment is. You see the dark by comparing it to the light. You see the difference between good and bad by placing them both in the light of truth. God does not want us just to accept by blind faith every spirit that comes our way. He wants us to seek the truth and you will find. But if you are not looking? 

On January 11, 1982, Vicka notes in her diary:

"The Virgin is against the Bishop." 

On January 20, 1982, the seers ask about the priests being excluded from their order by Rome. The Virgin replied:

"They are not guilty. In this decision the Bishop has acted hastily. Let them stay." 

What this "Virgin" is saying is "let them disobey". This is approximately the time the priest was having an affair with the nun. But of course, maybe the Mother of God did not know that???

(Webmaster's Comment: Now just imagine any proper circumstance where The Blessed Mother would allow a Priest to Disobey his Bishop, while he carries on an affair with a Nun, breaking the Vows of Chastity?)



Pluralism is a Masonic and Charismatic belief that states all religions are the same in the eyes of God. Catholic Doctrine states that "except for invincible ignorance, there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church". Anyone who says that any other religion is not "against the word of God" is a heretic. 

(Webmaster's Comment: I vaguely remember hearing this in Relegion Class as a kid, but I soon forgot it, and in the age of tollerance over the last few decades, it seamed reasonalbe to me that Protestants, and Bastists, etc., should be able to go to Heaven, if they accepted Jesus as their Savior, like the thief on the Cross. Good Catholics, however, need to remember that the Catholic Church teaches otherwise:) 

Fourth Lateran Council, 1215 AD (ex cathedra) "There is but one universal Church of the faithful, outside of which no one can be saved." 

Unam Sanciam 1302 (ex cathedra) "We declare, say, define, and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff." 

Cantate Domino 1441 (ex cathedra) "The Most Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and preaches that none of those existing outside the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews and heretics and schismatics, can have a share in life eternal; but they will go into the eternal fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels. Unless before death they are joined with her; and that so important is THE UNITY OF THIS ECCLESIASTICAL BODY that only those remaining within this UNITY can profit by the sacraments of the church unto salvation ... NO ONE, let his almsgiving be as great as it may, NO ONE, even if he pour out his blood for the name of Christ, can be saved, unless he remain within the bosom and the UNITY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH." 

The same has been expressed in Vatican II, and can be found in 1 Tim. 2:4, Acts 4:12, Gal. 1:8, Tit. 3:10, 2 John 10, St. Ireneaus, St. Cyprian, St. Jerome, St. Augustine, St. Fulgentius and St. John of the Cross. 

This point cannot be overlooked since the greatest promoter of these apparitions is Wayne Weible, a Protestant, who had no desire to change his religion until recently, for as he said, "She accepts us all as we are." Why did he say this? Because after 3000 apparitions the main theme is Pluralism.

The words of Mirjana: 

"She also frequently said that ... there is only one God and that it is the people who are separated. YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT THE OTHER RELIGIONS, MUSLIM AND SERBIAN, AND YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIANS IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT THEM." 

Mohammed claimed to be the son of God, and Christ only a prophet. He said that any Muslim who killed a Christian did not sin any more than if he killed a dog. We must love the Muslim, but never respect his religion. We must respect truth but never lies. The person - yes; the religion - no, never. 

In an interview with Ivanka, another of the seers, we hear: 

(Webmaster's Comment: Now in the previous answers by the Visionaries, you may have discovered some wiggle-room in the answers. Maybe she meant that Our Lady calls people of all religions to convert, (repent), and that if they do so by Converting to Catholicism, then they would then be saved. Listen to the unambiguous answer to the following question:) 

Question: "It is important that people of good faith, regardless of denomination, not be turned against each other. [We agree with this.] But tell me more about this. What did the Madonna say about this?" 

Ivanka: "The Madonna said that religions are separated on the earth, but THE PEOPLE OF ALL RELIGIONS ARE ACCEPTED BY HER SON." 

Now, that statement ends this apparition for us. But let’s continue. 

Question: "So that means that all people go to Heaven?" 

Ivanka: "It depends on what they deserve." 

Question: "Yes, but many have never heard about Jesus." 

Ivanka: "Jesus knows all about that; I don't. The Madonna said, 'BASICALLY, RELIGIONS ARE SIMILAR." 

Here is a quote from Our Lady on this matter: 

"Tell the priest and everyone, that it is you who have divided yourselves on earth. THE MUSLIMS AND THE ORTHODOX AS WELL AS THE CATHOLICS ARE ALL EQUAL BEFORE MY SON AND BEFORE ME ..." 

Shall we throw the Bible away, throw the Body and Blood of Christ away, throw Baptism away, throw unity of belief away, throw priesthood away, throw Confession away? No wonder a priest had an affair during the apparitions. No wonder an illegal order of priests and nuns [living together] has been started at Medjugorje. 

Charismatics have one Masonic, Pluralistic goal, expressed very well by Mgr. Franci [the only Bishop out of the 35 Bishops of Yugoslavia that believes in the seers]: 

"I see a NEW CHURCH being born beneath our eyes; the CHURCH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT ... the role of Medjugorje is to be seen above all, I believe, in this COMING TOGETHER WITH THE BROTHERS OF OTHER RELIGIONS, WITH THE MUSLIMS AND EVEN WITH THE MARXIST BROTHERS ..."

(Webmaster's Comment: Do you suppose he meant the Marx Brothers? LOL.)

The AntiChrist's New Hymn! 

This new church will have a new song, for the seers told Father Gobbi that Mary's favorite song is "THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC. [May, 1988] This new church has been the goal of Satan for a thousand years. This new church is what the Antichrist will set up someday.


The Blessed Mother and Jesus will strike Bishop Zanic!

On June 19, 1982, the Virgin stated: 

"Tell the Father Bishop that I request his urgent conversion to the events of the Medjugorje parish before it is too late. Let him begin by informing himself about all the events with great understanding, love and responsibility. I desire that he place no disunion between priests and that he should not emphasize their negative sides. I ask for his conversion to these events. I am sending him the ULTIMATE WARNING. IF HE IS NOT CONVERTED HE WILL BE CORRECTED. MY JUDGEMENT, AS WELL AS THAT OF MY SON, JESUS, WILL STRIKE HIM. If he does not put into effect what I am giving him to know, please tell him that he has not found the path of my Son, Jesus." 

We are supposed to believe that these are the sweet words of the most obedient creature on the face of the earth: a Woman, who obeyed Herod and went to Bethlehem for the census even though She was nine months pregnant; who went to the Temple for purification even though she needed no purification; who circumcised Her Son, even though He needed no circumcision; who stayed outside the Last Supper Room, even though she was greater than all the Apostles? 

“My judgment” are not words the Mother of God could ever say. Mary is all mercy, never judgment. God is justice, but Mary is only love, prayer, and mercy. “MY judgment will strike him.” Moses made the mistake of saying that “he” could strike the rock and water would come out. Because of that statement he was not allowed to enter into the promised land. Now we are expected to believe that the most obedient Woman in history will steal the right of judgment from the Father, and take it upon herself. “I request --- I desire --- I ask --- I am --- I am” are not the words of Our Lady. No Jewish woman can use the words “I am”. Jews were not allowed to say the name of God out loud. Even John, the Baptist never used them. In the Greek “I am one crying in the wilderness” actually reads, “One crying in the wilderness” because the “I am” is implied and every Jew knew it because you could not say the words out loud. 

Poor Bishop Zanic! We’re sure he was shaking in his boots. But let us not take too lightly this threat. Although Satan will not be able to touch the Bishop, he has been intimidated, harassed and heckled by the supporters of the seers. 

Rome, in order to reward him for his courageous stand, increased the area of his jurisdiction. Thirty-four (34) of the thirty-five (35) bishops of Yugoslavia agreed with his, (Bishop Zanic's) condemnation (of Medjugorje). Only retired Charismatic Bishop Franic accepts the apparitions. And now after retirement his friend, (Bishop Franic), becomes the new Bishop. 

On December, 1983, Bishop Zanic published, through his episcopal curia, a warning against the irresponsible propaganda of the Franciscans, and he summarized by saying: 

"It seems that the promoters of Medjugorje are busy creating a situation, by means of their propaganda, such that Church authority will never dare oppose. But the Church has no need of counter truths in order to defend the faith. THE TRUTH MUST BE PRESENTED EVEN THOUGH IT IS DISAGREEABLE. And concerning the 'Virgin's support of the rebellious priests...There has been no peace in the Church of Herzegovina [Medjugorje] for fifteen years. Half the Franciscans resist the restoration of certain parishes to the diocesan clergy using as their pretext the alleged messages of the Blessed Virgin at Medjugorje. The present provincial, his collaborators and the other half of the Franciscans are working to restore peace with the Bishop. They do not believe in the apparitions. Thus, ON ACCOUNT OF MEDJUGORJE AND THE 'QUEEN OF PEACE' THERE IS EVEN MORE TENSION AND DISQUIET! Regina pacis, ora pro nobis!" 

On December 26, 1983, [after Bishop Zanic condemned a book written by Father Rupcic (soporting the Appiritions at Medjugorje, in a book titled), --"The Apparitions of The Blessed Virgin at Medjugorje"], the so-called "Virgin" prayed for the success of the book. 

Cardinal Kuharic, Archbishop of Zagreb, stated on January 13, 1984, "If the Virgin said such words against the Bishop in favor of the suspended Franciscans, then IT IS NOT THE VIRGIN WHO SPOKE." 

On February 26, 1984, Bishop Zanic wrote to a French priest: 

"The propaganda on behalf of Medjugorje is terrible. They are preparing for WAR. It is a struggle of self-assertion by a group of Franciscans...The defenders of Medjugorje are DISOBEDIENT, ..." 

"L'Osservatore Romano" [the voice of Rome] published an exact account of the Communique of Bishop Zanic on July 24, 1984, FORBIDDING ALL FURTHER PUBLICATIONS OF THE LITERATURE. In spite of this, eight books have been published and distributed throughout the world. Everyone who is involved in publishing or distributing these books is COMMITTING A MORTAL SIN AGAINST OBEDIENCE. Nevertheless, a week after Rome published the order, the "Virgin" commanded: 

"MAKE THE PRIESTS READ Abbe Laurentin's book and spread it."Bishop Zanic forbade use of the Church Buildings!
August 7, 1984, Bishop Zanic, forbid the seers from using the Church building for the apparitions.



On October 30, 1984, Bishop Zanic again commanded that the apparitions not take place in the parish buildings. Again the priests and seers refused to obey. On the same day, the Bishop published his report: 



Yugoslavian Bishops Ban Pilgrimages to Medjugorje! 

On November 12, 1984, at La Croix, the Bishops of Yugoslavia declared that no pilgrimages shall go to Medjugorje. No outside priest is to say Mass without Bishop Zanic's permission. 

Instead of being obedient to the Bishop, Father Laurentin, author of most of the disobedient books, wrote in a major Catholic newspaper: 

"Pilgrimages are disapproved by the Bishop. People must continue going to Medjugorje. It will be necessary to speak of 'Spiritual journeys' instead of Pilgrimages." 

In other words, if we call it something else, we are not sinning by going to Medjugorje. How retarded does Laurentin think we Catholics are???? However, read any advertisement for trips to Medjugorje, and you will see not only the word “Pilgrimages” but also priests leading the groups. 

In November of 1984, Bishop Zanic received a letter from a former Franciscan nun. She said that she had worked in Zagreb with one of the priests of Medjugorje. She named the priest. She had a baby. She asked the Bishop for financial help. She was unable to get help from the priest. Vego, himself, admitted in 1988 that he had never seen the child, does not want to see the child, was not supporting the child, and just wanted to forget the whole thing. God has forgotten it, he said. What about the poor nun? After the 1988 letter, Vego married the nun.


Bishop Zanic issues a 'Cease and Desist' Order over Medjugorje, March 25, 1986

On March 25, 1986, Bishop Zanic published another decree making sure that no one be mistaken by Laurentin's stupidity. 

"I had asked that the doings of Medjugorje be slowly stifled and brought to an end, but everything is continuing as before. This is a disgrace. Consequently, I NOW DEMAND of you without indulgence the following: 

1) That the seers hereafter be prevented from appearing in public. 

2) That there be an end to apparitions in the parish church. That the seers have them in their homes as they did during the summer of 1981. 

3) That from ten days hence, without any hesitation, the new statue of the Virgin modeled on the apparition and placed before the altar be removed. That the old statue be replaced. 

4) That all talk of the apparitions must cease and that no messages are to be divulged. 

5) That devotion developed as a result of the apparitions and in accordance with the messages linked thereto be brought to an end. 

6) That THE SALE of souvenirs and publications propagating the apparitions cease. The people may still, however, go to confession, and Mass may be celebrated. 

7) I DO NOT ALLOW PRIESTS FROM OUTSIDE TO CELEBRATE MASS IN THE PARISH OR TO PREACH, Friars Jozo Zovka, Tomislav Vlasic and Ljudevit Rupcic in particular. 

8) The seers must hand over all that they have written (the 'Life of the Virgin Mary' in particular) for there are no grounds for secrecy justifying the refusal to communicate this material. Diaries and writings are public deeds and exercise a great influence on the events of Medjugorje. Consequently, all these documents and this material must come under the control of the Bishop's House and be made subject to inquiry. We hope that you will carry out all that is demanded of you in this letter. I greet you and with you the divine blessing. 

-- P. Zanic" 

On April 6, 1986, the Franciscan priests wrote a letter to the Bishop refusing to obey any of his commands. Two days before this, the children pass on another contradiction from their goddess who had already said the apparitions would end. But of course, this would have been a big problem for the Franciscans, considering the letter of the Bishop. They needed continuous support from the "last word in faith", the voices of the children: 

"Today is the day when I thought of giving you no more messages because some of you do not accept me. But the parish has been put on the move and I desire to give you messages in A WAY THAT HAS NOT EXISTED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD."


The long awaited book of The Blessed Virgin Mary's life, as dictated to Vicka.

On April 10, 1986, Vicka refuses to give over the manuscripts to the Commission of Inquiry. Instead the "Virgin" now orders it to be published by a Franciscan of her choice. 

On May 23, 1986, Bishop Bovone, Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [Rome], sent Bishop Caporello, Secretary of the Italian Episcopal Conference, a reminder that pilgrimages and publicity are forbidden. The Franciscans and seers still do not obey. 

In July of 1986, Vicka refused to give over her writings to the Bishop's Commission again. 

In 1988, Rome [L'Osservatore Romano] again publishes the Bishop's commands. When the attitude of Rome becomes very, very blunt, Father Slavic finally gives up seeking approval from the Church. He commits the ultimate heresy with the following written statement: 

"At Medjugorje the apparition has no need of official recognition. THE VIRGIN HAS NOT ASKED TO BE RECOGNIZED AT MEDJUGORJE --- She has said, 'I am the Queen of Peace' and not 'I am Mary, who desires to be recognized in the Church.’" [We don't even need to comment on that sick statement. (Richard Salbato)]


$100 Million Dollars Skimmed from Medjugorje! 

Father Robert J. Fox, the Fatima Priest, states:

“Archbishop Pio Laghi has advised that the commonly quoted favorable remarks attributed to the Pope encouraging people to go to Medjugorje, cannot be substantiated.” 

Why then are these reports going out all over the world? Because the promoters of Medjugorje hired a retired bishop, who just happened to retire in Rome, Bishop Paul Hnilica, to promote Medjugorje in Rome. Most of these statements of the Holy Father came from Hnilica in 1989. What we know about him is that he has been accused of embezzling millions of dollars, and has been convicted by the Italian court system of stealing documents from Rome. Over 100 million dollars was skimmed out of Medjugorje and “laundered through an Italian bank. This was then used as collateral to float loans from 10 European banks for a billion dollars. This caused some smaller banks in Europe to collapse because the loans were not paid back because of the war and lack of pilgrims to Medjugorje. 

In the June 30, 1996 issue of The National Catholic Register (a pro-Medjugorje Magazine), it was stated: 

“Vatican spokesman Jauquin Navarro-Valis said in a June 19 note to the press that the Church retains its official position of skepticism toward the alleged Marian apparitions at Medjugorje. Navarro-Valis’ message said “no new facts’ had been presented on the validity of the alleged apparitions that have attracted 20 million pilgrims in the last 15 years. The message said that for now the Vatican ‘must respect the competence of the local bishops’ regarding the matter.” 

However, on August 21, 1996, the same Vatican spokesman told Catholic News Service that although dioceses may not organize pilgrimages, “You cannot say people cannot go there until it has been proven false. This has not been said, so anyone can go if they want.” We must stress that officially Rome has not condemned Medjugorje, but has left the present position of the Local Bishop stand until investigation is completed. We know the investigation is completed, however, and the Vatican is waiting for the politically correct moment to announce it.


Fatima, the Rosary, and Sister Lucy 

(Webmaster's Comment: Acording to the seers, Our Lady has said the Medjugorje is continuing the work at Fatima. What was Fatima all about? It launched the world devotion to the Family Rosary! The world prayed for the conversion of Russia. The Rosary is the one thing to remember about Fatima.) 

Speaking in tongues is promoted at Medjugorje, but the Rosary is not. Oh, yes! The people who go there pray the Rosary, and we have seen three rosaries that were changed to brass. When asked about the Rosary, the children said that they say it sometimes. Considering that they say we should take at least ten minutes to say an Our Father, a complete Rosary would take 32.5 hours to say. No wonder they do not say it . After over 1000 apparitions, not one apparition mentioned the Rosary, the Scapular, First Saturdays, the threat of Russia, the Immaculate Conception, or the twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary. 

In a newsletter published by Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity in St. Parres-Les-Vaudes, France, it was reported that Sister Lucy of Fatima told one of her relatives that is not the Virgin Mary appearing at Medjugorje. 

We, (Richard Salbato), have personally talked with her spiritual director, Father Messias Coeher [also the publisher of the official Fatima Magazine in Fatima]. He stated to us and to CUF members in each of four talks in Detroit, that Sister Lucy had stated over and over again that it was not the Virgin Mary appearing at Medjugorje.


So, as of 1996... 

The truth about Rome’s position is best stated by Fr. Philip Pavich (OFM). Father Philip Pavich has been living and hearing confessions in Medjugorje for 15 years. In the beginning he was a believer. He told us how the new Bishop of Medjugorje was picked by the Vatican. It turns out that he was living and working in Rome when Bishop Zanic was taking his case to the Vatican. When Bishop Zanic v isited the Vatican he stayed with the present Bishop, who was his best friend and shared his opinions on the apparitions. When Bishop Zanic retired, the Vatican made sure that a Bishop already sharing Bishop Zanic’s views was appointed. 

“This being the case,” said Father Pavich, “how can we say that Rome does not share Bishop Zanic’s opinions?” Father Pavich remains in Medjugorje at the direction of his superiors in Rome. He wants to leave. He does not believe in the apparitions. He is forced to hear confessions up to 10 hours a day, because the other Franciscan priests are too busy studying marshal arts [New Age] against direct orders of their superiors. 

Not one of the 42 bishops of Yugoslavia nor one of the diocesan priests in the area believe in the apparitions. Why then do those who are not in the area and do not know all the facts hold on to their beliefs even to the disobedience to the Church? The new bishop has not only condemned the apparitions but he has made a blistering attack against the new film, “Gospa”. When he restated his positions regarding the Franciscans leaving the Church, he was kidnapped and held as a prisoner. The Nuncio to the Vatican had to go get him out.


Maybe it's Fraud...

There is, of course, the possibility of fraud. The apparitions are staged. The children know exactly what time the "Virgin" will appear. They do not go into any ecstasy. They leave the room with the priests. He talks to them and gives them a paper in his handwriting. They come back to the room and read the message. Any self-respecting sorcerer or common magician would do much better than that. 

Documentation of just the first three years shows thirty lies by the seers, and hundreds of lies by the actors of this play: the priests and the promoters, especially Laurentin. 

There are rumors of laser lights to produce signs in the sun. There are hundreds of cases of eye-burn from looking into the sun. There is a case of a reported cure where the PERSON CURED IS, IN FACT, DEAD. It is still listed as a cure. Of the thousands of claims, there is not one cure that has been proven. The closest thing to a cure is Rita Klaus, but there has never been any proof that she really had M. S. One might think it strange that the communist government supported (or at least allowed) the apparitions. The possibility of fraud is great. 

It could be that the priests, faced with expulsion, planned to have the apparition simply to support their desire to stay in the parish. It got out of hand and now then can’t stop the thing. It probably got way out of hand and it was, after all, a communist government. Now there is the problem of the war and expulsion from the parish. 

Considering that two of the priests were having affairs with nuns at the time, where would they go to make a living in a war torn country if they left the parish? Consider also what will happen to the children if everything is admitted. What would the Government do? 

But would a priest have gone that far? Who else were they having affairs with? This is not an unfair question considering the past.


I think it's likely DEMONIC-- All the Devil's Handiwork! 

However, there are two problems with the idea of fraud. Any fraud of this magnitude would have been well planned and all actors would have been coordinated. Satan and his demons have one big weakness - pride. They cannot do anything in a simple, humble way. Everything is like one showing off power, and always bigger and better than anything else. Mary, on the other hand, is calm, holy, humble, and very, very motherly. Her presence brings peace and calmness to the soul. Let’s look closer at the apparitions. 

On the first apparition there was terror and panic. 

"What's up?" shouted Vicka. "Is there a snake?" 

"No! Not a snake!" 

Vicka ran up, but the sight of the apparition frightened her so much that, seized with fear, she slipped off her shoes and ran away. 

"We all shouted and pulled faces." 

On the second apparition, Mirjana asked for a sign to show the people. The hands on her watch turned. [A typical occult trick! Any true New Age member can do it.] 

On the third apparition, Vicka was pushed or pulled off the road by unseen hands, and suddenly the Virgin appeared. [Motherly?] 

On the fourth apparition, Maria was violently and mysterious propelled to the top of the hill. [Calm and peaceful?] 

On September 4, 1981, Vicka wrote in her diary: 

"We questioned Her, (Our Lady), about the man, who saw Jesus in the street, when he was driving people in his car. He met a man who was all bloodstained--this man was Jesus--He gave him a bloodstained handkerchief telling him to throw it into the river. Going on his way, he met a lady--It was the Blessed Virgin Mary--She asked the driver for the bloodstained handkerchief. The man gave her a handkerchief belonging to himself, but the Virgin asked for the bloodstained one. The Virgin said: 


(Webmaster's Comment: WOW! Is this really how the World really could have ended-- over a handkerchief, at the Blessed Mother's whim?) 

“The Virgin said the story was true." [We are supposed to believe that this is the sweet loving Mother of God. How dim-witted does Satan think we are? But the next apparition tells the entire story.] 

On January 10, 1982, Mirjana tells of a strange apparition where from the light which normally precedes the Virgin's arrival, SATAN EMERGED, HALF DIABOLICAL, HALF DISGUISED UNDER THE FEATURES OF MARY. Finally the vision of Satan changed entirely into a vision of Mary. 

"The Virgin programmed the entire sequence in order to test us." said Mirjana. 

Or could it be that God allowed the children to see the truth, but they have not accepted the truth to this day? True, False, or Demonic, what? This virgin has said that UFOs are real, that Pope Paul VI was replaced by an "evil red double" [same as Bayside], and that Necedah, Wisconsin, in America is a true apparition of Mary, but that the bad bishops of America did not accept Her. If fraud, would they risk supporting UFOs, Bayside, and Necedah? If demonic, wouldn’t he want to support his own works? Demons love to do stupid things and have people believe in them so that they can laugh at God.


Really? DEMONIC? Why would the Devil found a Cathedral, and allow millions of Visitors and untold prayers and Conversions?

If it is demonic, the question always comes up again and again, “Why would Satan do something that makes people stop sinning and become holy?” What would he have to gain? 

The answer to that question is very simple. It is the "SIN AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT". Scripture says that all sins are forgivable, but a sin against the Holy Spirit is not forgivable in this life or in the life to come." 

How is that possible? The Holy Spirit is Divine Love. He is Divine Mercy. He is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He is the love of the Son for the Father and the Father for the Son. The one Unforgivable Sin! 
The Doctrine of the Faith, Bishop Sheen, and Pope John Paul II all say the same thing. The unforgivable sin of the Twentieth Century is the denial of sin. 

The sin against the Holy Spirit is the denial of sin. A prostitute knows that she is sinning and, at the moment of death, she could repent of her sins and go to Heaven. That is all it takes to go to Heaven. The only reason people fall into Hell like SNOW FLAKES is that they believe that they are not sinners, and hence, at the moment of death, they are not repentant. God cannot forgive an unrepentant sinner. If they do not ask forgiveness, God cannot forgive them. 

What does all this have to do with Medjugorje? The so-called Virgin of Medjugorje has only three messages. 

1)That all religions are the same in the eyes of God. 

2) That the Born-Again Charismatic Movement is of the Holy Spirit. 

3) That the Charismatic Movement will bring all churches together into a New Church called the Church of the Holy Spirit. A church without Doctrine and therefore without FAITH. Each person in this new church will decide for himself what is right and wrong, what he believes or does not believe. Truth will not matter. 

All three of these things have the same result. No one sins If God sees all religions the same, then the Bible is a lie. All of the Old Testament and all of the New Testament speaks constantly about false doctrine. In the Epistles of Paul, John, James, Jude, and Peter, false doctrine is condemned with the sentence of Hell. 

The Protestant Churches came into the world to bring a denial of most sins. Martin Luther denied all sins. King Henry VIII denied adultery. All deny Apostolic priesthood. Most deny the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Mohammed denies Christ is God. 

If we believe these untruths are not a sin, and die believing in them, Satan has won our souls. Why? Because we are believing in a false word of God, a false Christ. 

If we believe, as Charismatics do, that after we have received the "Spirit" we cannot sin, Satan has won our souls. 

Again, Why? We see a new Satanic Church prophesied by Catherine Emmerich. We see an International, all denominational church of the Spirit. The next pope (as prophesied by Don Bosco, Malachi and many others] will be one of the holiest popes in history. What if, and this is just conjecture, what if, all over the world, at the same time, the “Virgin” of Bayside, of Garabandal, of Mexico, of Medjugorje, of the Charismatics and all the other false apparitions [all at once-in a single voice] said that the true pope was the anti-Christ? 

Who would you believe? The Church? The Cardinals? Or would you believe the messages of the seers? 

(Webmaster: Do you know where your Church came from? Consult the PDF List at the bottom of my Come Home page, to find your Church:) 
Come Home Page- History of Churches PDF 


In Conclusion

Keep in mind that the Church and only the Church can make decisions in these matters. The Church has spoken on Medjugorje. Further investigations will produce nothing new. In the case of Medjugorje, both Bishops have spoken. They have stated over and over that this is not of God. Thirty-four bishops of Yugoslavia agree with them. Rome agrees with them. But in spite of all this, we would like to give our opinion on the apparitions. 

Consider that Yugoslavia is world famous for two things; the most nude beaches in the world, and the start of World War I. It seems likely Satan could have had an opening in the void of grace around Medjugorje. 

We, (Richard Salbato), believe that in the beginning it was not fraud. It was Satan appearing as Mary to the frightened children, maybe even the first two years. We believe that the Franciscans and the world-wide Charismatics saw this as a great opportunity to prop up a failing movement. When Satan stopped appearing, they would not let it end. An end would give the Church a chance for a final condemnation, and they had more messages they wanted to propagate all over the world. What better way than the Mother of God, Herself? 

Speaking in tongues is promoted at Medjugorje, but the Rosary is not. Oh, yes! The people who go there pray the Rosary, and we have seen three rosaries that were changed to brass. When asked about the Rosary, the children said that they say it sometimes. Considering that they say we should take at least ten minutes to say an Our Father, a complete Rosary would take 32.5 hours to say. No wonder they do not say it. After over 1000 apparitions, not one apparition mentioned the Rosary, the Scapular, First Saturdays, the threat of Russia, the Immaculate Conception, or the twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary. 

Satan is an angel "from" Heaven. He would not be so stupid as to do what is now happening at Medjugorje. Yes! We think he started the whole thing. But he was smart enough to stop at the proper time. The Franciscan Charismatics were not that receptive. They saw the opportunity. 

In a newsletter published by Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity in St. Parres-Les-Vaudes, France, it was reported that Sister Lucy of Fatima told one of her relatives that is not the Virgin Mary appearing at Medjugorje. 

We, (Richard Salbato), personally talked with her spiritual director, Father Messias Coeher [also the publisher of the official Fatima Magazine in Fatima]. He stated to us and to CUF members in each of four talks in Detroit, that Lucy had stated over and over again that it was not the Virgin Mary appearing at Medjugorje. 

Father Pavich, [who lives in Medjugorje and who hears the confessions of those who go there], has first-hand information about the seers and the promoters of Medjugorje, and next March, (he has retired several years ago, in 2017), he will retire from Medjugorje and be able to give out all the information he has gathered over 15 years. 

So, this is our conclusion, without any apology and without any reservations: 


Archbishop, Cardinal Kuharic said: "IT IS NOT THE VIRGIN MARY APPEARING AT MEDJUGORJE." 

Lucia of Fatima said, Do not go there --- "IT IS NOT THE VIRGIN MARY APPEARING AT MEDJUGORJE." 


We are sorry if it is not the answer you wanted to hear, but our, (Richard Salbato), work and our prayer is unity in truth and in love. Our love must be to the truth first. Anything that is not the truth will end up in the worst of all bad fruits, “divisions within the Body of Christ”. Maybe you have not liked what we have to say, but someday you will learn to love our honest love of the truth. 

On the Cross, Christ was pulled and stretched so far in order to fit the cross, His arms were dislocated at the sockets. He was almost pulled apart. The Church is the Body of Christ. Satan wants to do the same to this Body of Christ, and he is doing a great and dreadful job. 

In this Twentieth Century Satan is making an all out effort to destroy Christ's Church. He is attacking it on the left with liberal theologians like Teilhard de Chardin, Hans Kung, Rudolf Bultman, M. Fox, Cullen Murphy; Karl Rahner, Ed Schillebeeckx, and Monika Hellwig, by liberal philosophers like Descartes, Kant, Nietzsche, Rousseau, Voltaire, Marx and Hegel; by new religions like Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology, Penticostalism, Spiritualism and Pluralism; and by anti-Catholic newspapers like THE AMERICAN CATHOLIC and THE NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER. 

The Kingdom of Christ is attacked on the right by all the Holier-than-thou movements: the Traditionalists, The Old Roman Catholics, The Pius X Society, and THE FATIMA CRUSADER. 

As these groups start to lose their appeal to the masses, Satan comes along with his signs and wonders to give them support. On the liberal side, he supports the Charismatics with Medjugorje, Gobbi and Gino. On the conservative side, he supports his religions with Necedah, Bayside, the Pebble, and statues crying water. 

All these false apparitions, whether to the right or the left, have common traits. They make Catholics distrust the shepherds, the bishops. They divide one group against another group. They criticize, accuse, threaten, and frighten. They control with appeals to ego [special chosen groups] and with threats of disasters for those who do not follow. 

Unity of truth means nothing. Unity of seers is everything. 

These false apparitions will not go away by themselves. Necedah is still with us and growing. Someday they will all unite and the ramifications will be diabolical. We must stop them now. We must bury them. We must chain this mad dog. 

Source: Richard Salbato (1996)


Webmaster's Comment:
Where are Mary's bare feet, below her dress? 
At all of the other Marian Apparitions, like La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima, and Padre Pio, the Visionaries could see Our Mother's bare feet below her dress. All of the Medjugorje Visionaries have reported that they were never able to see Our Blessed Mother's feet, at any time. 

What's up here? Who cares about the Blessed Mother's feet? Our Lady's feet were visible at La Salette 1846, Lourdes 1858, Fatima 1917, and Rome 1947, but not Guadalupe 1531, (but no one doubts the validity of Guadalupe).

Saint Padre Pio, who was visited several times by Our Lady, immediately recognized, on one occasion, that that particular apparition was false, because he could not see the bare feet of Our Lady, below her dress. He knew that the Devil has many powers, but he cannot change the appearance of his cloven hoofs. He immediately told the Devil to 'Be-Gone', and the Devil vanished! The seers at Medjugorje never saw Our Lady's bare feet, so we must assume the apparition is Demonic, and the Devil was simply hiding his cloven-hoofs, with the long dress. I would doubt that the Devil actually appeared very many times, likely no more than about two years. 

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