Our Lady of the Revelation, 1947, Rome

Our Lady of the Revelation, sometimes known as Our Lady of Conversion, appeared to a Church Hater, who beat his wife and children, and had set a date five months in the future, to kill Pope Pius Xll with a dagger that he had engraved: "Death to the Pope".

This is a church approved Marian apparition, that was approved in a record setting 6 months time. Our Lady appeared to Bruno Cornacchiola, (sometime spelled Cornacchio), on April 12, 1947, while he was at the park with his three children, to compose a hate speech, ridiculing the Immaculate Conception.

This apparition is applicable to this website because Our Lady decided to call herself "Our Lady of the Revelation", and during the apparition, she pointed out to Bruno a Priest's vestments, and broken crucifix at her feet. By the way, Our Lady appeared barefoot, standing on a rock. The broken crucifix was a warning to the Church leaders of the Great Apostasy.

YouTube Video below by Sensus Fidelium, 21 minute sermon on the story of Bruno Cornacchiola's conversion.

Slide Show below of Bruno's speech notes that day, April 12, 1947, the plaque at the shrine describing the events, and the Shrine on the spot of Our Lady of the Revelation's appearance.

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